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Flickr Christmas: Santa’s gathering in Liverpool 4

Santa's gathering in Liverpool 4

How confusing could this be to some people? Thousands of people dressed as Father Christmas have run through Liverpool in a record-breaking charity bid [BBC News]. I love this. There are many interpretations of Christmas but Santa must be the one that makes the most people – across the world – smile.

Advent Flickr: Santa’s gathering in Liverpool 4, originally uploaded by Contrived.

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Flickr Christmas: Snow Monsters Come Out To Play

snow monsters come out to play - Advent Flickr: Snow Monsters Come Out To Play, originally uploaded by seawallrunner.
Following on from yesterday’s snow picture, today’s advent calendar picture from the selection at Flickr is this of ‘snow monsters’ taken in the wonderful city of Vancouver. Doesn’t it make you feel of Christmas? I can almost smell the mulled wine. Fancy a glass?

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Flickr Christmas: Jamie Enjoys Herself

Jamie Enjoys Herself - Advent Flickr: Jamie Enjoys Herself, originally uploaded by Pink Cloud. Behind Musak’s Christmas Advent picture fest today, this great show of people in the snow.

Now one of the things we are all wishing for is a white Christmas. It’s one of those thoughts that helps make the whole season special. Will it? Won’t it. Really, none of us want snow and does it really matter if it snows on that day? But it’s all part of the magic of the season.

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Flickr Christmas: Advent Is Here

Advent Flickr: "holiday" tree - “holiday” tree, originally uploaded by wcityw.
I admit it. I love Christmas and I have no shame in saying that. I just find myself with a big grin on my face at all the decorations around town. Even those houses that have too many lights on them and appear to be using half of the power from the national grid make me smile. It’s such a shame that I even have to get up and go to work at all. I could wander round looking at all the advent calendars and jolly Santas! There’s no humbug here.

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Boxes Everywhere

Boxes, Boxes, BoxesThe eagle-eyed Flickr watcher might have noticed from the last Sunday’s pictures Unilever commission for the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern. It’s been undertaken by Rachel Whiteread. According to the Tate site, ‘she has created a gigantic labyrinth-like structure, entitled EMBANKMENT, made from 14,000 casts of the inside of different boxes, stacked to occupy this monumental space’ [source]. Browsing Flickr tonight I found many other people who had taken interesting pictures of the exhibition too.

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Manchester United Legend Is Close To Death

The news that George Best’s hours are numbered is tragic. One of the greatest football of all time is fighting for his life at a hospital in London. He’s spent years battling alcoholism but couldn’t give up the drink even after a liver transplant. In a cruel twist of fate the final moments may be spent on the day the UK liberalises it’s drinking laws and bars can be open for longer. He will leave a great football legacy. Maybe there will also be a lesson for the rest of us when it comes to drinking and we won’t all become victims of alcohol.

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Change Your Coffee Shop Now


by Simon Lord at Flickr

by Simon Lord at Flickr

I meant to write about coffee last week when it was on my mind. There was a day, Monday – I think, where I had some time to kill before meeting PY after work. So I went into Cafe Nero and ordered myself a regular Latte. Nice, warm coffee. Then I wandered around some shops and then went into Costa Coffee and ordered another Latte. This time the taste was totally different. Unfortunately, I don’t have the words to hand to describe quite how different the two drinks were. There was a startling difference between two cups of coffee. The Costa drinks was much less bitter and had a much fuller flavour. I was blown away as I have never noticed such differences between two coffees before. I blame the thick stuff we drink at work for dulling my taste buds. Anyway, the leaflet in Costa says, ‘Others think their beans are fine after a 7-minute blast. Our beans need a full 18 minutes at precisely 230 degrees to bring out every bit of flavour – and we always make sure they get it’. It appears to be true. My regular coffee show has just changed.

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Most people don’t even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?

I’ve just come across Bruce Schneier’s fascinating article at Wired News about the Sony copy-protection scheme which, essentially, installed malware on your PC without you knowing anything about it. And, the story suggests, because a Mega Corp did this other Mega Corps (or Wanna Be Mega Corps) colluded with them by not issuing security warnings from their software which is designed to protect your privacy and your PC. According to the article, Sony BMG’s president of global digital business said, ‘Most people don’t even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it? [article].

The arrogance of big companies always astounds me. Where is the respect for the consumer in all of this? In many ways it doesn’t surprise me that people look for ways to get music without the money going to these guys. Why not work with people in an open way to find solutions that work for everybody? In the end, it’s going to be the only way. And as for the security and software producers who turned the other way, I don’t think they should be surprised that people are running into Apple’s arms. Do you?

Sadly, I think companies should do the right thing rather than go for short-term profit. I believe that for long term stability and revenue growth any company should be doing the correct thing; be that correct mistakes, trying to stick to standards or just be good guys. For some companies this works. Unfortunately, real world business isn’t like this.

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Questions Answered

You know I might not agree with The Sun on many things but I really do agree with their campagn to try and save Christmas. Christmas is a fun celebration and should be kept that way. What sort of residents complain about charity Christmas lights?. According to this story it’s the grumpy residents in Rayleigh, who demanded the local council scrap a popular charity light display.

So, questions answerd in The Sun: Christmas is good. Questions unanswered from work: why do some Americans have a problem with Santa Claus? Question answered today: Thanksgiving is a religious festival in origin. Questions answered from this year’s BBC Children In Need: Daniel Powter wears a hat all the time.

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