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thanks for listening

Listen to Musak has been a lot of fun but I have not updated it for a long time and I don't think I should be pretending it's an active blog anymore. You'll find all the content behind here and you can still read it but, for now, Musak has left the building.

Of course, anybody who has read this before will know that I don't like the idea of internet content being deleted. So, until I can think of a better use for Listen To Musak content you'll find it all from here.

If you don't know where to start then you may want to go back to the beginning, remember how much you helped me when you were my gym buddy or check out the gay old world in which we live.

The more adventerous might want to pick a date from the archives or just take a gamble and see what was written on this day in Listen to Musak history.

I've added a temporary Wordpress theme to the content but hopefully it will allow you to navigate but some of the links might not work as they should. I'll try and get around to fixing them one day.

Sincerely, thanks for listening to Musak.

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