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Regent Street Lights 2005

Tea At The Ritz Hamleys Christmas Lights 2005Tea for two at the Ritz is fun and Regent Street lights are better than last year. If you’re following Listen To Musak you’d be wise to check out the Flickr stream occasionally as pictures can say a thousand words and, right now, I don’t have time for a thousand words.

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It’s In My Hand

Well, it’s here and I bought a copy this morning. I’ve mentioned the new look Guardian newspaper a couple of times. It’s covered well in other places too. Visually, it’s impressive. It seems contemporary yet authoritative which – I imagine – is what they wanted. The use of colour throughout a newspaper is great and the double page centre-spread picture (of the Northern Ireland riots) is a stunning use of those pages. I like the smaller G2 and was surprised to find Media Guardian is full size and not the smaller one. I also think the feel is important. It’s weighty yet managable.

I don’t buy a daily paper. If I did, The Guardian would be my paper of choice. I may even buy it more often with this format as I can read it on a train or plane without smashing my fist into the face of the person sitting next to me. For a daily commute, however, there’s just too much. On my train this morning I managed to read the front page and the first couple of G2 and then I had to get off and walk to the office. When will I read the rest?

It might not be The Guardian’s market but there must be space for something bigger than Metro but with fewer column inches than The Guardian or Independent at a reduced price.

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A Giddy Schoolgirl

The new-look Guardian will have colour on every page of every section but one thing will remain the same – our reputation for supplying first class news, features and comment [Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian]

My favourite newspaper is changing. No, I don’t know what Berliner means either but that’s not a problem. No longer will I be hitting old ladies with a newspaper, or getting tangled in a iPod hub’s cable or stopping a City gent scrolling his Blackberry. Smaller, neater, lovely. Damn, it looks hot and it’s only a newspaper!

The Guardian: Berliner preview edition

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Let’s Google Talk

Google Talk Download PageWell, they’ve finally done it and Google Talk is a nice, clean interface. I downloaded it this morning and was impressed by file size, speed of installation and general Google-cleanness of the the interface. This is what we have come to expect. However, apart from a couple of people who I know will try this – who am I going to talk to? I have a sinking feeling that they are too late to this party which is not a great thing to think about Google at all.

The world was waiting for a Google IM client but the world hoped it would speak to other clients and not just be a nice standards complaint tool. I already have friends on all of the major IM clients and I simply don’t talk to them all because I don’t install all the right clients. I do, occasionally, use Trillian to speak to everybody but that’s not very often. I sit with my Yahoo Messenger because that’s the client most of my colleagues are on and they are the people I need to talk to most. I’d love to migrate them to this nice Google interface but I don’t think they will.

So, come on Yahoo support the standards that Google is running with then we can all choose the client we prefer not limit who we talk to. I wonder how long it will be before that happens?

UPDATE 28 Aug: I should turn comments on for this one, shouldn’t I?

UPDATE 30 Aug: Still only three people I know are on Google Talk. C’mon guys – it’s a lovely clean interface and a breeze to download.

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By Ek

ITV at 50Can you say ‘by ek’ on web site like this? I am not sure that it comes across very well really and, to honest, I’ve already forgotten why I wanted to say it in a northern-like accent. I am not sure if it is the previously undiscovered Google news feeds that took my breath away. Still, the fact that Google do RSS news feeds shouldn’t make me gasp, should they? Perhaps it was the irony of Sky advertising on the ITV at 50 site (they won’t be when you get back there but never mind) but I don’t think that could be it either. Maybe it was the US-centric Top 10 Dot Com Flops site which is mildly amusing but I’m certain it isn’t that either. Still, I’ll get back to you when (and if) I remember.

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7 Million Londoners, 1 London

7 Million Londoners 1 LondonIf you have been wandering around London in the last few weeks you will have seen the 7 million Londoners, 1 London campaign at bus shelters and poster sites around the Capital. The media space appears to have been provided for free. There have are posters and badges available if you want to order them. I really like the positive statements that it’s making. I really hope that it catches on but I haven’t seen many people or businesses displaying the posters/stickers yet. Go and order yours now.

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Swiss Re Tower, London

Yesterday, I mentioned my visit to the South Bank and the picture I took of the Swiss Re Tower from the top of City Hall (previous visits noted here and here). I did a little reading on the tower last night to find that the official name of the building is 30 St Mary Axe (which, I guess is also the address). It was the original site of the Baltic Exchange (a membership organisation at the heart of the global maritime marketplace). The Baltic Exchange headquarters was destroyed by a terrorist bomb in 1992 (an IRA attack on London) and there was a plan to try and rebuild part of it. When the damage was greater than expected the plan was changed and Norman Foster’s company came up with the plan for the stunning building that’s there now. There are some fantastic pictures of 30 St Mary Axe at Flickr.

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London’s Living Room

picture of tower bridge openingMy mum and dad have been in London for the weekend. Dad was excited as England won the test cricket this morning. After the celebrations we walked around my favourite part of town: along London’s South Bank. We watched the river traffic from the public gallery at the Oxo tower. Then we wandered towards City Hall. While standing outside City Hall I heard the sirens and watched as Tower Bridge opened to let a ship through. Then I also noticed there were people in London’s Living Room at the top of City Hall so we went for a look at the river from the top. It really is one of the most interesting places in London to go and would highly recommend it.

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