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Helsinki, February 2006

Helsinki, February 2006 - It's cold here in Helsinki. There are people laughing at the tourist taking pictures. They're not laughing at the picture taking but at the fact that one minute with a hand outside of a glove is painfully cold.Helsinki, February 2006: I have to admit that it is colder here than I thought it would be. It was below freezing last week in Oslo but not this cold. I took my gloves off to take a couple of these pictures and the cold became quite painful. I am certain that the locals would have been laughing. Still, the hotel is warm and the restaurant is quite good here so I will have no need to leave this evening.

I recall that on a previous occasion that I was here it was also snowing but that was April and it wasn’t like this. It’s interesting to note that many of the Flickr pictures of Helsinki right now are taken inside – can’t say I blame them. But there are some great ones of the snow.

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How Interesting

You may know that I have a love of Flickr. I hope they keep up the great work but I also hope they – eventually – let you do much more with your own photographs (I’m thinking of downloading into tools like Picasa – and yes I know Picasa is a Google company while Flickr is owned by Yahoo). Regardless they keep coming up with cool ways to use the service. The interestingness (read more here, here and here) where some of the best pictures are showcased. They also introduced clustering which lets you do cool things like find picture of shirtless men for no reason at all. Of course this is all well and good but, like most people, I like Flickr for the way it lets me manage my pictures. I love the calendar features and the way I can see all my mobile pictures in one place. That’s my life in pictures.

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2004 In 100 Pictures

I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to mark the passing of time. I am, ultimately, sentimental. So, although I am not going to write a greater 2004 in review than I already have done, there is one thing that has fascinated me this year: my pcitures.

In January 2004 I acquired Treo 600 mobile ‘phone. This was the second ‘phone I had with a camera on it and it certainly isn’t the best mobile phone camera on the market. However, I took a few photographs and then, towards the end of the year, I realised that I had a photographic record of much of the year and it had been created unintentionally. It was quite a shock to look at them and put the year into context. Sure, many of them were taken with friends after a few drinks but I don’t think that matters too much. It certainly sums up a lot of the year!

A couple of days ago, I sat down to review the pictures. There were 265 of them. Some are blurred and useless, some pointless and some I really don’t want to show anybody else. However, I thought it might be an interesting idea to get the pictures down to a collection of 100 that sum up the year and I can keep as my Moblog memories for 2004. It’s a filtered collection limited by the technology (the pictures are very low res) and by the photographer (I am not keen on holding my phone and pointing it at people) but I think it does represent 2004 quite well.

Without captions they might not mean a great deal to anybody else but here is my 2004 In Pictures. Click on the image for the larger version.

2004 in pictures - picture001_19jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture002_19jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture003_21jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture005_21jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture007_29jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture008_29jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture012_30jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture017_05feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture019_09feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture020_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture025_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture026_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture027_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture028_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture029_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture035_14feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture037_14feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture038_14feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture039_14feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - pictore040_16feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture045_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture047_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture054_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture058_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture059_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture061_25feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture062_02mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture063_20mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture064_20mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture065_25mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture066_25mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture076_21apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture077_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture080_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture081_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture083_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture084_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture088_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture089_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture093_27apr04.jpg2004 in pictures
 - picture102_14may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture107_14may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture108_14may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture111_19may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture113_20may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture115_29may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture124_06jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture128_06jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture129_06jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture135_06jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture144_16jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture148_16jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture154_16jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture157_17jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture164_27jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture165_19aug04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture166_23aug04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture167_18aug04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture168_20aug04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture169_20sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture170_27sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture171_27sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture172_28sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture173_29sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture179_01oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture180_16oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture181_16oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture185_17oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture186_18oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture187_18oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture188_18oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture190_19oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture191_24oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture194_03nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture196_06nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture198_06nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture199_06nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture201_06nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture203_11nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture204_11nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture207_13nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture208_13nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture211_14nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture212_18nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture215_20nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture217_21nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture222_29nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture225_05dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture227_12dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture228_12dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture230_12dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture231_12dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture234_21dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture235_23dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture237_24dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture240_26dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture241_27dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture242_31dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture243_31dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture244_01jan05.jpg

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Aliens Eat London Commuters

rush hour

rush hour

I posted this picture over a Flickr tonight as it stunned me that I could walk onto a platform on the Northern Line at Charing Cross station and find it deserted. All the best movies had alien invaders clearing the streets while our lonesome hero wandered the empty streets and echoing buildings. It was very strange indeed and a great relief when somebody else made it to the platform and stood waiting the few minutes for the next train. I’ve spent the day in central London training some customers on our software products and so have been on my feet all day, talking. I find it quite hard to be engaging for six hours of so and do find it very disconcerting when I can see the participants interest wane. I imagine it’s a great relief for all that we make it to the end of the day. I was glad to head of for a meal with friends – which is why I was taking the train!

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Leaf On The Path

Leaf on the path

I mentioned on Wednesday how much I love autumn and this great photo kind of sums up why. It’s from Flickr and it captures both the colours that I love and the sense of change that brings excitement. Oddly, the as the leaves die and fall I get a much greater sense of comfort that I do with the blossoming in spring. I shall leave you with this as the end of my week is proving so busy. [Leaf on the path]

And I must point it out again for yesterday’s On This Day made me laugh!

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Shrewsbury Town

street signs in shrewsbury - click for a larger version of the pictureThis time last week I was in Shrewsbury. I spent my teenage years in the town and, at the time, I think I thought it was a little quiet. Now I really appreciate the place. It’s an old medieval market town and these days seems to be full of tourists the whole year round. I do love the atmosphere of the town centre: away from the main shopping area the streets are narrow and many of them have old tudor buildings on either side. Perhaps one day I will live there again. (See also Lord Hill and Shrewsbury Abbey from last week and an older post about Shrewsbury Carnival.

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Routematser Bye Bye

A London Routemaster Bus, 2004

A London Routemaster Bus, 2004

Routemasters are a fantastic icon of London and I will miss them when they are gone. Yesterday, as I sat explaining their value to a group of visiting Americans, I watched as the crowds on Piccadilly boarded them anywhere on the street. Smart and efficient. Then I watched a bendy-bus block most of Piccadilly Circus. Somebody thinks it’s progress. [Routematser Bye Bye]

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Shrewsbury Abbey at Flickr

Shrewsbury AbbeyI didn’t want this site to become a site full of my photographs but I couldn’t resist posting another one from my weekend back in Shrewsbury. This picture isn’t as good but it’s of Shrewsbury Abbey – at the bottom of Abbey Foregate just before you reach the English Bridge. I passed this place every day on my way into college as I was growing up and it’s a sight that always makes me think of being a teenager. [Shrewsbury Abbey]. Sadly, I could only find one other picture of Shrewsbury at Flickr and that turns out to be a different Shrewsbury!

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Lord Hill’s Mighty Tower

Lord HillI love the colours on this picture. Although it was taken early in the morning (at least, early for a Sunday) the colours are fantastic. And what’s more it’s been taken with my Treo’s mobile camera which isn’t the greatest camera in the world. According to Shropshire Online, “Lord Hill’s Column, outside Shirehall, is one of Shrewsbury’s striking landmarks. The tallest Doric column in the world, it commemorates the First Viscount Lord Hill, who lived from 1772 to 1842.” [Lord Hill’s Mighty Tower]

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