Bye Bye Bush Baby

Well, Mr Bush has headed back to the US. The anti-bush protestors got in my way as I headed homeward one night and that was sufficient to annoy me (that and the litter they left behind). The strangest thing was that I’m not pro-bush so I should have been on the demonstration but I didn’t believe in the marches/marchers. It’s a very strange mix of supporting the cause but not them. Nevertheless, I will be following George Bush’s progress over the next year just to see what happens in the election and if things like this (from here) have any impact on American voters.

Jon Snow (of Channel 4 News) amuses me almost daily in his email. Last Friday’s mail gave me this little insight

Bush strode around an empty village and eventually spots a couple of people to shake hands with. Okay Okay the woman had a vast stars and stripes knitted into her sweater, but it did the job. Suddenly there were five apparently ordinary mortals for him to be photographed with. Look out for it in Time Magazine and most certainly in some bout of electoral literature. After that he spotted another lone figure in the village and paced across to grab his hand too…never mind that it was the Prime Minister’s press spokesman.

Ah well, he’s gone. On the upside, you would never have known the Queen listens to Radio 2 if George hadn’t paid us a visit!

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