Celebrity T-Shirt Auction

You know how it is: there’s never enough time in the world. This year I haven’t had chance to put any effort into the Man of the Moment project but it was fun for a while and – maybe – I’ll find something to do for Christmas! Anyway, posted today on the Dermot O’Leary comments was a message I feel deserves a little more exposure:

If you’re a Dermot fan and use ebay, look out for The Big Issue Foundation’s celebrity auction on ebay from 29th November 2004 – 3rd December 2004. You can bid for a special ‘What’s Your Big Issue?’ T-shirt signed by Dermot, highlighting something important to him – over fishing! To take part go to http://members.ebay.co.uk/aboutme/bifceleb

All proceeds go to The Big Issue Foundation, the charity that offers support services to Big Issue vendors.

Other celebrities taking part include Ringo Starr, Helen Mirren, Emma Thompson, Tony Blair and Stephen Fry. Apparently, the cast of ‘EastEnders’ counts too.

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