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Shrewsbury Town

street signs in shrewsbury - click for a larger version of the pictureThis time last week I was in Shrewsbury. I spent my teenage years in the town and, at the time, I think I thought it was a little quiet. Now I really appreciate the place. It’s an old medieval market town and these days seems to be full of tourists the whole year round. I do love the atmosphere of the town centre: away from the main shopping area the streets are narrow and many of them have old tudor buildings on either side. Perhaps one day I will live there again. (See also Lord Hill and Shrewsbury Abbey from last week and an older post about Shrewsbury Carnival.

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Shrewsbury Abbey at Flickr

Shrewsbury AbbeyI didn’t want this site to become a site full of my photographs but I couldn’t resist posting another one from my weekend back in Shrewsbury. This picture isn’t as good but it’s of Shrewsbury Abbey – at the bottom of Abbey Foregate just before you reach the English Bridge. I passed this place every day on my way into college as I was growing up and it’s a sight that always makes me think of being a teenager. [Shrewsbury Abbey]. Sadly, I could only find one other picture of Shrewsbury at Flickr and that turns out to be a different Shrewsbury!

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Lord Hill’s Mighty Tower

Lord HillI love the colours on this picture. Although it was taken early in the morning (at least, early for a Sunday) the colours are fantastic. And what’s more it’s been taken with my Treo’s mobile camera which isn’t the greatest camera in the world. According to Shropshire Online, “Lord Hill’s Column, outside Shirehall, is one of Shrewsbury’s striking landmarks. The tallest Doric column in the world, it commemorates the First Viscount Lord Hill, who lived from 1772 to 1842.” [Lord Hill’s Mighty Tower]

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Two Years Ago

Today is the first day that the ‘On This Day’ link has two years back which has me slightly excited! One of the original reasons for starting the regular updating of this site was to serve as a personal memory archive. I have always loved flicking through old diaries and address books – this somehow brings that function into the new millennia.

Last year I was at Shrewsbury Carnival. A carnival is one of those things that you remember as being a great deal of fun when you were a child but doesn’t always work when you are an adult. Of course I was just be grumpy about it last year.

In 2002 I seem to have seen Spiderman around this time which has me admitting I can’t wait for the next one. I have some film-loving friends who hated the first one (I think it was too dark for them) but I loved it and can’t wait to be sat in the cinema again.

This day in 2002 was also the day of possibly the most memorable link I have ever posted on this site. New Scientist asked: ‘Does beheading hurt? And, if so, for how long is the severed head aware of its plight?’. Of course with recent events abroad it’s a little more topical and less far-fetched but, nonetheless, it remains the one of the links that have appeared here that I haven’t forgotten. Every time New Scientist change their site I go back and fix that link.

If you happened to look at yesterday’s entry you would have seen the link to the ‘On This Day’ for 14 June 2003. All I can say to those that mailed me – I will still not tell you which one I am. Gym buddy has, however, assured me my arse is a lot less flabby now.

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Better Than Buses In A Flower Market

Anybody reading this site will know that I seem to have lots of opinions on urban transportation. One of my favourite visits of recent weeks was to the London Transport Museum which is housed in an old flower market at Covent Garden. I thought the place was great but then I read about the New York Transit Museum which is actually housed in a historic 1936 subway station in Brooklyn Heights, New York. How cool is that?

This weekend I was visiting my parents in Shropshire and we went to Llangollen in North Wales for the day. I couldn’t get anybody to agree to ride the Llangollen Railway – which is part of the British rail network from Ruabon to Barmouth in North Wales which was closed on 1st April 1968. It would have been a good way to spend a Saturday so, perhaps, I will next time I visit.

My parents live in Shrewsbury which, this year, has been a little protected from the winter flooding by some new flood defences. There seems some dispute about the effectiveness of the defences. If you look at some of these pictures on BBC Shropshire’s site you would have thought that nothing had changed. I am not always glad to be living away from the river but at this time of year I certainly am.

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Shrewsbury Carnival 2003 Mobile Pics

I’ve returned to my home town of Shrewsbury this weekend. I just went to visit my Mum. Yesterday we wandered into the town and discovered that it was Shrewsbury Carnival 2003. It’s not the biggest carnival in the world but there is a parade and there are some floats. It all ends up in Shrewsbury town park with a family fun-day type event.

Pipers at Shrewsbury Carnival 2003Why Military Gear at Shrewsbury Carnival 2003?The tractor: a good image for Shrewsbury Carnival 2003I think this is Bob The BuilderFantatsic steam engine in Shrewsbury Carnival 2003Man and donkey in Shrewsbury Carinval 2003

Click on the pictures for a bigger version

I believe that this year’s theme was something to do with being beside the sea – which is amusing a Shrewsbury is not by the sea at all. It’s miles from the sea. I guess a lot of people had put a great deal of effort into the parade this year. Unfortunately, a great number of the people taking part looked miserable. They just looked fed up and there was no party atmosphere. Some floats, of course, did pull out all the stops but they were the exception. Very sad really.

UPDATE 16th JUNE: I am, of course, a miserable old blogger. The local paper puts a much nicer spin on it.

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Water, Water Everywhere

Last night was an underwater adventure for many Londoners. Apparently, 3cm of rain fell in 30 minutes – which is a reasonable amount of water. The strain on the drainage system was too great and we had cars underwater, closed tube stations and some very, very wet people walking around. Many people have a perception that London is grey and always raining but it doesn’t handle rain well at all. I guess it’s all the Victorian sewers (or whatever they are).

The pictures of cars almost submerged are strangely reminiscent of my home town of Shrewsbury – which is prone to flooding. The town is mainly contained within a loop of the River Severn and, as such, seems to get drowned from all sides in the winter storms and spring thaws.

I guess Shrewsbury is my home town. I was not born there, did not live there for the first fourteen years of my life, and have not lived there for ten years. My parents still live there and I go to see them occasionally and I think of it as my home town, but really, it’s just another place I have lived. Of course, I do have very fond memories of the place which, I assume, helps.

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