Review of 2003: May and June

More good weather and a visit to Rye began the month that brought us more Big Brother and more flights in small planes (including a short holiday to Norway and a trip to a very sunny Helsinki).

I wrote about Greg Dyke and the BBC – about impartiality and the war in Iraq – which is an interesting in the light of events that came later and Lord Hutton’s investigation.

In the light of the war on terrorism, one of the reasons behind the attacks in Iraq, I read more about plans for UK ID cards.

Dr Kildare came out and I made the first entry in the gay marriages category when the Archbishop of Canterbury disappointed many and, the first of two soap operas of my childhood ended when Crossroads shut the doors for a second time (this time it was all a dream). The other was to be Brookside in November.

The full May archive can be found here.

In many ways, May and June were very similar – hot weather and Big Brother (in the guise of Dermot O’Leary and Federico).

I started to go through the motions of registering with the Government Gateway to file my tax return (a process that I would only get round to finishing in December). June was also the month I showed my bottom to a crowd of passing tourists for charity and was in the crowd for the Shrewsbury carnival.

Gay men got married in Canada; the church tried for a gay bishop; the Royal Mail closed it’s underground railway in London and Listen to Musak got the first user comments.

The full June archive can be found here.

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