Year in Review

New Year’s Eve. The time to reflect on the year. I have been thinking about a way of summing up 2002 and having a go at The Mayfly Project although I haven’t come up with just twenty words that sum up the year. I have no idea what I am doing tonight as it’s a surprise (which is interesting).

I started the year in a role I wasn’t enjoying (this time last year I was worrying about on-call rotas for people who didn’t want to be on-call) but it got better when my job changed. Then I changed companies and started understanding a slightly different side to the online advertising business that I have been working in for several years.

Personally, the year has been great. Good company, good friends and good times abound. It’s been a really happy year. Not an outstanding or revolutionary one, but a very good one. But I still can’t think of twenty words to sum it up

On this day…