Review of 2003: September and October

September seems to have been a quiet month for me and there wasn’t a great deal on the site – only 14 entries for the entire month. Still, some things didn’t change. Again, there was some nonsense about gay marruage and some shocking news about a gay teenager who comitted suicide when the police threatened to expose him to his parents. In travels, I was back in Helsinki but, I think the highlight, was the trip to see the inside of Bush House. September’s highlighted sites included Dooce and Toweroad.

The full September archive can be found here.

October was another quiet month in the life of Listen To Musak but I said a little more than in September, but it was an important month in may personal life. I spent some time on holiday in Cornwall – which was fantastic but I didn’t really get to write about it a great deal. I did note the rather silly Marriage Protection Week and came back to one of my favourite topics, London Transport, although this time I was much nicer about my fellow commuters. It seems that at around this time I suffered writer’s block but not Stephen Gately – who I applauded for using his website to set the record straight about an incident outsde The Ivy.

October was also the month I started my ‘phone/pda search, which right now, remains an unresolved quest. We also met the Gay Team and I didn’t even get any trick or treaters at my door for Halloween.

The full October archive can be found here.

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