Would Pepys Blog?

Are the diaries of Samuel Pepys really akin to a weblog? Well somebody thinks so and is turning them into a weblog that will update daily with a new diary entry and it’s all starting on 1st January. There’s even an RSS feed of the whole thing.

I love that the web can be used to link, comment, annotate and explain the diaries in a clear way. Even the site’s design is fantastically simple.

I’m not sure what Mr Pepys would have thought about it – they were written in shorthand as a private diary and a blog is a very public thing – but I think it’s a fantastic idea and I wish it had been mine. Now, I will read them in properly digestible chunks in a kind of weird real time. Somehow this reminds me about why I was first interested in the power of the internet as a communications tool. Occasionally, I need to remind myself. [via plasticbag]

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