Review of 2003: July and August

Did we ever, truly, determine if the documents were sexed up or find those WMD?

In July I came back to my transportation topic from earlier in the year. Even now, six months on, little has changed. Online, Netscape died and we learned about Jason’s donut man.

I went to Paris – which was hot, sweaty and absolutely brilliant and travelled north which was great too; bought Marks Owen’s come back single and discovered I was part of a great consumer demographic. I also went to the great party in Hyde Park for that demographic! Of course, some people tried to pretend we aren’t people. In July we also learned that “The consequences of our current retreat from marriage is not a flourishing libertarian social order, but a gigantic expansion of state power and a vast increase in social disorder and human suffering”. Well, I still think that’s garbage now, just as much as I did in July.

The full July archive can be found here.

August began with a trip down memory lane when I discussed the first single I ever bought while learning that ringtones makes millions for the record industry. It was also the month when I started to buy music online via digital downloads.

The weather remained hot, which made a trip to Great Yarmouth for a stag party all the better (even the lap dancing club was interesting). The weather also allowed me to sit in the garden in the sunshine listening to the sounds of London radio.

Clause 28 was finally abolished but I only caught up with the news in August.

The full August archive can be found here.

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