Great London Food Market Revisited

The Cutty Sark on 6 November 2004Today we managed to eat at the Spanish Chorizo stall that I previously mentioned and had a good old look around Borough Market again. It really is full of some of the most fantastic food and I still wonder why on earth there aren’t more markets like that around the UK. Borough Market was, once again, heaving with a wide range of people. Some, clearly at the tourist end of the scale, just looking and, perhaps, picking up a bite to eat. Some, like us, were wandering in search of both the bit to eat and something to bring home and cook over the next few days. Others, clearly more local (many seemed to have come on bicycles), appeared to be doing their weekly grocery shop. The market thrilled me yet again – if you’re in London at the weekend it’s a must (and trust me, the queue for the Chorizo burgers really does indicate how great they are). If you’re looking for directions, Borough Market is just behind Southwalk Cathedral (and near London Bridge underground station) and near The Cutty Sark (that’s the picture – food stalls didn’t seem photogenic).

UPDATE: Julian just mailed me and pointed out that I am not really talking about The Cutty Sark at all (which is the big thing down Greenwich way) and my picture is of a replica of The Golden Hind. I knew this (I’ve even been to a wedding on board) so why I got it confused is a mystery. Thanks for pointing out my stupidity.

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