still from the first episode of lostSo last night we settled down for a Lost marathon. It started earlier in the week on Channel Four but we missed the opening episodes. Digital channel E4‘s Second Chance Sunday was not only showing the first two episodes again but also the third and so three hours of television drama ended our weekend. I am already hooked – it’s going to twenty weeks of really high quality drama ahead. There’s been lots of talk about the most expensive television pilot in history and the such. Each episode has been compared to a movie. I don’t know about that but I know that’s it appears very well written, well acted and has very high production values. I also know there is much content on the web about the show and I am not going to read it. I am going to let the story unfold naturally (so don’t tell me) but the first question has to be: how did any of them survive and how have they got three episodes in without worrying about food?

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