Shrewsbury Carnival 2003 Mobile Pics

I’ve returned to my home town of Shrewsbury this weekend. I just went to visit my Mum. Yesterday we wandered into the town and discovered that it was Shrewsbury Carnival 2003. It’s not the biggest carnival in the world but there is a parade and there are some floats. It all ends up in Shrewsbury town park with a family fun-day type event.

Pipers at Shrewsbury Carnival 2003Why Military Gear at Shrewsbury Carnival 2003?The tractor: a good image for Shrewsbury Carnival 2003I think this is Bob The BuilderFantatsic steam engine in Shrewsbury Carnival 2003Man and donkey in Shrewsbury Carinval 2003

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I believe that this year’s theme was something to do with being beside the sea – which is amusing a Shrewsbury is not by the sea at all. It’s miles from the sea. I guess a lot of people had put a great deal of effort into the parade this year. Unfortunately, a great number of the people taking part looked miserable. They just looked fed up and there was no party atmosphere. Some floats, of course, did pull out all the stops but they were the exception. Very sad really.

UPDATE 16th JUNE: I am, of course, a miserable old blogger. The local paper puts a much nicer spin on it.

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