Not Another Teen Movie

This is Chris Evans from Not Another Teen MovieWhen we returned from Pride in the Park 2003, wet and exhausted but having had a thoroughly fantastic day, PY and I set about eating and watching a movie on Sky Box Office (more Pride in the Park at The Independent and at
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We chose Not Another Teen Movie, simply because we thought it wouldn’t actually tax us and therefore we could just enjoy it. Well, it’s not a great movie, there’s plenty of toilet humour and it’s not that well acted. But it certainly taxed us. We spent the whole 90 minutes or so trying to guess all the references to other teen movies (and I spent just about as much time lusting after the lead actor, who has the unfortunate name of Chris Evans – if you’re British you’ll understand why it’s unfortunate). Even Molly Ringwald got a look in!

Verdict: As a night in it’s much more fun to play guess the movie than try to follow this film. A fun film for sure!

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