Oops, She Did It

So, Britney got married, her people denied she’s had a little too much to drink (sorry, she wasn’t ‘inebriated’) and the wedding was annulled sometime yesterday (various reports put a different number of hours on the wedding but it seems it was a two day thing). Apparently it was a joke that went too far (although comment on the Torontro Star wonders if it was a PR Stunt).

As I watched this story unravel over the last few days (the mad grab for pictures, the interview with the ex-husband) I wondered what message this was sending out about the concept of marriage and have been surprised and the lack of comment (The Times did discuss it today).

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not about to beat the drum about religion and marriage too hard but if marriage is just a joke that can be entered into (and got out of) so easily, is there really much point to the whole thing?

There are some of us in this world who would like the ability to marry (or, at the very least, have some official recognition of our relationships) but can’t. Britiney doesn’t know how lucky she is to be able to treat the whole institution so lightly.

Could I argue that it’s an amusing aside to the whole business that a heterosexual woman brings marriage into disrepute? Maybe not.

On this day…