Hot or Cold

“In a stunning new series from BBC Science, Donal MacIntyre is blasted, roasted, frozen and soaked on an epic journey to experience and understand the wildest weather the planet can throw at him”. [link]

I’ll say (or was I just too drugged up – medicinally – to care?)

Last night, in my ill state (thanks, but no I still feel really bad and if had any sense would be at home right now rather than sitting in the office), I just about managed to watch Wild Weather on BBC One. I was absolutely fascinated by it. Donal MacIntyre always annoyed me on TV (I’m sure he’s really rather nice in real life) until yesterday. Wild Weather, however, is was one of the most interesting, brilliantly shot programmes I have seen for a long time. Thank goodness I still pay a licence fee. Hoorah for the BBC.

If I was feeling better I would talk at length, but I suggest you watch it next week or read this.

On this day…