Three At A Time?

I wonder if yesterday was the first time that the ‘on this day’ entry has provided me with three links at the same time?

2002 was full of links – Glastonbury and World Cup fever. The kind of thing I leave to now as tagging data is fun!

2003 had me developing my downloadable Formula One calendar. I haven’t done that this year – although I planned to. Formula One is still a big part of my summer.

And last year
I was moaning about Yahoo offering me extra mail storage and then not handing it over. Well, that was all resolved and something to do with the fact my Yahoo account pre-dates Yahoo UK and thus is – technically – a .com account but is all uk-ised by my location preferences. Understanding a user’s location but offering them the same quality of services (rather than service) is something they still haven’t got. My Firefox Yahoo tool bar, for example, is a lot more useful if I pretend I am in the US that if I am in the UK. Still, I live in hope.

On this day…

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