Formula One 2003 Race Calendar

I have been searching for a downloadable version of the Formula One races this year. All I wanted to do was get the basic race dates into my calendar. Could I find it anywhere? No. It seems that nobody has made this available. If you use Yahoo calendar, you can insert the individual races into that from the Yahoo F1 site, but that’s not much good to me as I am using Outlook which synchronises with my Palm. I would have thought that somebody would have done the vCal thing for all Formula One races but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So, I have created a .csv file which nicely imports into Outlook (because I didn’t have time to learn the vCal format). I might update it at some point. If you want to import F1 races into your Outlook calendar, please feel free to use the file. I took the dates and times from the FIA site.

The times in the file are, according to the FIA version, GMT. I’m not sure if the times are correct because the summer races are listed with GMT times seem to be the BST times. So you may be an hour out.

In Outlook, you will need to go to the File menu and Import the data (import from another program or file) and place it in the calendar. The file is provided as is and you use it at your own risk. I don’t know anyway you can remove it without deleting each entry individually.

For those of you interested, here are the remaining races for the 2003 Formula One race season:

  • 29 June – Nürburgring (Europe)
  • 06 July – Magny-Cours (France)
  • 20 July – Silverstone (England)
  • 03 August – Hockenheim (Germany)
  • 24 August – Hungaroring (Hungary)
  • 14 September – Monza (Italy)
  • 28 September – Indianapolis (USA)
  • 12 October – Suzuka (Japan)

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