Paris in the Summer

I don’Â’t know what to think. I am so tired. I had a business meeting in Paris Monday. Travelled Eurostar. ItÂ’s usually fabulous. Up at 04.30 to make the 06.20 train was OK but the 18:16 return train was delayed by four (count them, 4) hours (sat on the train for 2 of them) and so I wasn’tÂ’ actually back at my house until nearly 1am.

21+ hour day – now thatÂ’s what I call working. And I probably didn’tÂ’ achieve very much 🙂

Paris was baking. I have never been so hot while in meetings – which I think added to the sense of exhaustion by the time my head hit my pillow.

Have you ever thought how the internet is feeling (apparently, it has emotions). Right now, it’s looking The current mood of the Internet at (honest).

On this day…