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Coffee To Get Me Going

I’ve thought a little more about yesterday’s post. Why do my great ideas for a more efficient me fail? The first reason, of course, is because I have more work crossing my desk than I can do in a working day. I am not alone in this and it’s something that I shouldn’t get too stressed about. The second, is more personal. I am not great in the mornings. I need my porridge and my coffee to get me going. That slow winding up into the day is not conducive to kicking the day of in an organised manner. I get to the work later but then it’s busier with ‘phone calls and more emails so the day is much more of a juggling act. I’ve got to work on that first half hour of the day. If I could set the day up differently it might be an easier day.

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High Expectations

What is it about going back to work after a new year break? Today, I walked in with great ideas. I will be more organised and, therefore, more efficient. Of course, that’s going to make my life easier and work more enjoyable. That way my life will be easier and stress free. By the end of the day, I was drowning under a a mountain of emails and it didn’t feel any different to the last week of 2005. Why did I ever imagine that it would? It’s not that I don’t like my work – I do – but I set myself such high goals that I tend to break them easily. Perhaps 2006 won’t be all that different than 2005.

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I have friends who do not take part in the ‘resolutions’ game at new year. This amuses me every year because it’s a silly ritual that we go through but nobody takes it seriously. So why not just play the game with everybody? We all know you’re going to break them. I’m going to break mine and I really, really, don’t want to break them. It really doesn’t matter that you’ll break them, honestly. We won’t think any less of you because of it. Now, please, play along.

It’s pretty easy to break mine to be honest. There are only two. Diet again and exercise more. I know that at some point I will eat to excess and I’m sure I’ll find excuses to avoid the gym. Still, here we go again …

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Here We Go

I’ve been quiet and I know it but it’s that time of year when there never seems to be enough hours to get everything you want done. So, while I ran off to Egypt, this whole thing took a bit of a back seat. I’ve eaten far too much over the last few days so it’s the perfect time to set myself up for the whole Gym Buddy experience again. I wonder if I’ll make it? Here’s to a great new year!

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