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Gay Life Is More Fun: Official

After posting a couple of days worth of Flick pictures from Oslo I came across the excellent Flickr Tag Fight via the Flock vs Firefox fight. Well, there was an obvious fight that I couldn’t find so I went and tried gay vs straight and lo, look how much more exciting gay life looks! You can go and see for yourself at gay vs straight flickr tag fight.

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Oslo Doesn’t Look Like This For Me

now with this leg solidly planted here i should be able to..
now with this leg solidly planted here i should be able to.., originally uploaded by yrigoyen.

Still in Oslo and, clearly, not in the right part (or perhaps I should be here at a different time of year). I do love this city and I’ve always had great hotels here, including the Scandic Edderkoppen that I am in now. If you’ve never been get yourself across to Norway at some point – it’s a beautiful country. Shame I have to leave today (such a short trip) but check out this photo set for more great views of this city. 

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I Am In Oslo

Frogner Park #2Frogner Park #2, originally uploaded by gisleh.
I have come to Oslo – again (or here and here) – on business. According to Flickr there are 14,366 photos tagged Oslo in their system. This is one of my favourites and these are the most interesting. I need to find something unusual to snap here!

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Audience Up

According to the press, ‘BBC London 94.9FM has recorded its second highest audience figures ever, with 561,000 tuning in every week, according to the latest RAJAR figures covering July to September’. As I have mentioned several times, I love BBC London right now. It was sad when Danny Baker left – his was one of the most innovative mornings shows – but JoAnne Good and the team have been excellent. I am very worried about Jono Coleman as I am not very keen on him as a broadcaster but I guess we’ll just have to see what the rest of the year brings.

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Admonished By A Snack Food Wrapper

I love Anna’s writing. Captain Crisps and FagEndBoy is one of my favourites:

It’s got to take the shine off your manhood, being publically admonished by a snack food wrapper.

Little Red Boat certainly has a way with words, she makes me laugh almost every day.

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Italy Is Smoke Free

I just returned from a business trip to Italy to find that Italian bars, restaurants and airports are now smoke free. This is great news for those of us who don’t want to light up cigarettes as soon as we land in the country. But, honestly, Italy doesn’t smell the same any more and it’s kind of strange. Lovely, but strange.

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Nokia E61

Dear Palm

Please take note:

Nokia Announces Eseries for Business (Phone Scoop): E6 -: A slim (0.55 inches) messaging phone to compete with the Motorola Q. Features a landscape 24-bit QVGA display, QWERTY keyboard, and a miniSD slot. Supports quad-band GSM/EDGE and WCDMA 2100.

With no annoying sticky-up aerial to jab you when it’s in your pocket.

Thanks in advance

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