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I Wonder Why?

A few weeks ago I upgraded to Movable Type 3.2 (Movable Type is the nice and easy software that allows me to maintain this site). Since that upgrade I’ve noticed an increase in the number of attempted comments to the site – the vast majority of which are spam. I did, however, decide to approve one over the weekend on a post from 2004 from Rik, a sickened viewer, who seems to feel either that I have some relationship with Channel 4 or, perhaps, that I am some kind of comrade in the flight to rid ‘offensive and repulsive’ programming from our television screens. Neither is true but I have no problem at all with the fact that he found a programme – which I never saw – to be so worthy of such comments.

What does interest me is how somebody reading this site could so clearly think it is something other than a personal site. You see, it’s the small things that amuse me.

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A New Champion

Ah, Monday morning and so little time to say anything. Nevertheless, Fernando Alonso’s Formula One Championship title (he’s the youngest ever Formula One champion) can’t go without note [Alonso clinches Formula One title] nor can Christian Klien’s superb qualifying performance [ – Klien goes from zero to hero]. I preferred the later UK start time for the Grand Prix. 6pm seems like a much more sensible hour.

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It’s In My Hand

Well, it’s here and I bought a copy this morning. I’ve mentioned the new look Guardian newspaper a couple of times. It’s covered well in other places too. Visually, it’s impressive. It seems contemporary yet authoritative which – I imagine – is what they wanted. The use of colour throughout a newspaper is great and the double page centre-spread picture (of the Northern Ireland riots) is a stunning use of those pages. I like the smaller G2 and was surprised to find Media Guardian is full size and not the smaller one. I also think the feel is important. It’s weighty yet managable.

I don’t buy a daily paper. If I did, The Guardian would be my paper of choice. I may even buy it more often with this format as I can read it on a train or plane without smashing my fist into the face of the person sitting next to me. For a daily commute, however, there’s just too much. On my train this morning I managed to read the front page and the first couple of G2 and then I had to get off and walk to the office. When will I read the rest?

It might not be The Guardian’s market but there must be space for something bigger than Metro but with fewer column inches than The Guardian or Independent at a reduced price.

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A New Beginning

On Friday, I mentioned that The Guardian was getting its new look tomorrow. You can follow the paper’s editors as they plan prepare tomorrow’s paper at The Editors’ Weblog that has launched on the site.

In tomorrow’s sport section I hope they cover Formula One in some detail. It’s been announced that Red Bull Racing will take over the Minardi team from November. Minardi’s boss, Paul Stoddart, told BBC News,

Small privateer teams are probably phasing themselves out … it’s hard to imagine a truly privateer team can break into F1 again

I think that’s sad for the sport really but the who really has got that much money?

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Staying For Breakfast

BBC London might not be too happy that Jono Coleman can’t start the new breakfast show until mid-October (BBC in tug-of-war over breakfast DJ) but I have to admit I am over-the-moon. Mr Coleman is probably a fine music DJ but he’s not the one for me in a morning yet BBC London is my station! Nevertheless, even if I was a fan, JoAnne Good has been doing a fab job at breakfast and I don’t want her to go anywhere.

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A Giddy Schoolgirl

The new-look Guardian will have colour on every page of every section but one thing will remain the same – our reputation for supplying first class news, features and comment [Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian]

My favourite newspaper is changing. No, I don’t know what Berliner means either but that’s not a problem. No longer will I be hitting old ladies with a newspaper, or getting tangled in a iPod hub’s cable or stopping a City gent scrolling his Blackberry. Smaller, neater, lovely. Damn, it looks hot and it’s only a newspaper!

The Guardian: Berliner preview edition

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