Brookside Closed

In an interview over on the official Brookside site, Phil Redmond said that

Overall it has done what I wanted it to do – especially this year – blending entertainment with the examination of contemporary social issues – but at times I admit it has had to bend with fashion and broadcaster demand.

brookside close street sign imageI watched some of last night’s episode. I haven’t watched it for a while but it did seem to have dated somewhat. I know soap opera worlds are dangerous places to be but I think that Brookside close must take the biscuit – I am so glad that I did not live anywhere near it!

Did it change the face of soap operas in the UK? It certainly was more contemporary than anything else when it started and it was very rooted in the real world – but I think it also aged very quickly. Still, sad to see it go and sad to see Jimmy Corkhill disappear from the television screens.

Media Guardian has a potted history of the soap if you are not familiar with it.

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