About Musak

Listen to Musak is a personal web site full of things that I find interesting. I hope others do too but it is designed to reflect my life. I have previously written more about why I write it.

I adopted the name Musak when I first went online back in 1993 on the Monochrome bulletin board. I have used it elsewhere online ever since. There was no other real reason for it except that it wasn’t taken, although I have grown to love it ever since. Subsequently, I purchased the domain and moved many web pages that I had elsewhere here.

I live in South West London, England – Earlsfield to be exact – and have lived here since I came to London in 1993. Occasionally the size of this city gets me down (along with the commuting nightmare) but really I love it. You’ll find lots of references to London’s transport system scattered throughout the site – it’s one of my daily pains. Every new politician promises to ease transportation problems in London and none of them do; it’s one of the many reasons I have started to lose respect for politicians.

Man of the Moment is a sub-section of Listen to Musak. There is a separate FAQ for the Man project.

The site has a privacy and ratings statement. Please refer to it if you have any concerns.

I first developed a web site back at the tail end of 1993, not long after HTML was released and the IT Manager at the company I used to work for decided the internet might change the way we do business. In the end, it perhaps had a greater effect on my working life than on the business. Very little of that content survives although some of these pages have their roots back then.

Much of this site contains much newer content. The history of the site is here and you can also read about my online working life, here.

Together, I guess you could call these a blog. According to Blogger, a blog “is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically?like a what’s new page or a journal”. To be honest, I tried the daily-blog routine on another site (twice) but each time gave up after three months or so. Most of that content was deleted and is consigned to a recycle bin somewhere. Other people’s blogs are much more interesting and I have found some fascinating writing on the web. The blogs I read the most are listed here.

Man of the Moment:

The Man of the Moment project is something of a reason to update the site with a list of attractive men.

I categorise content which is useful if you want to see the kind of things I write about.

On this day…