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This Is How A Thriller Should Read

There is a cliché that says a book is a real page turner and it certainly applies to this book. I picked it up because I loved the film and I imagined the book would be just as good. The novel, however, leaves the film standing. Don’t expect a movie tie-in because this is certainly not that. Jason Bourne is found floating in the ocean and that’s about where the similarity starts and finishes. Some great scenes in Zurich and Paris are the only other resemblances to the film.

I’d never read a Robert Ludlum book before but this has me searching for the next. It’s written at a pace that keeps you hooked, the story is much more complex than the film and the characterisation and plot is a joy to read. I was hooked to the very last page.

On the downside, if you have seen the film one of the crucial story twists is known to you. If you haven’t seen the movie – read the book first for this is how a thriller should read. [More at Amazon]

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Things That Make You Go “Huum”

Members of The Fire Brigade’s Union are going on strike as I type this. As a result, some London Underground stations are closing this evening – but not all. London Underground has an interesting piece on safety on the tube:

Under normal circumstances, with full fire service cover, the risk of death to a daily traveller on the Underground from all causes is around 1 in 150,000 per year. The risk from fire is only a small contributor (about 2.5%) to this overall risk. [Source: London Underground]

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Fly Accipiter, Fly

I am happy today! My ex-colleagues at Engage AdManager have bought the company from Engage to re-form Accipiter – the company Engage acquired in 1998 (or thereabouts).

Engage has slowly been moving out of the online space. When I worked for them they owned a large number of online companies. The selling of AdManger to its management seems to leave them with no pure-play online offerings.

I just want to wish the new AdManager management all the luck in the world they are a fantastic group of people and if you’re in the market for an online advertising solution, you’ll find best of breed at

They are a fantastic group of people and if you’re in the market for an online advertising solution, you’ll find best of breed at

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Give Us Our Daily Blog

As I started redeveloping this site, it became apparent that I wanted to link to my collection of daily blog reads and this became the place to keep them.

The first, almost daily, read is Jase Wells. I guess I have been something of an invisible online stalker to this site for years. I have watched it move, change and develop since sometime in 1994 when I first came across it. It still remains one of the best personal homepages on the web – and I am very pleased to see that he has turned it into a blog.

Next on the list is Tom Coates’ – which must be one of the best around and, if I am honest, I miss it if he doesn’t post. You will find notsosoft linked from there which, I think, contains some of the best writing on the web.

trabaca, posterboy, eric and provide additional regular reading from the US, while Adam’s photoblog provides stunning pictures on a regular basis. overyourhead is a UK take, while prolific is based in Amsterdam. Haddock blogs is a collection of well-known UK internet names.

Of course, blogsphere is represented well by Metafilter which I try and check out most days.

Other’s of note include Nick Denton and Brendan O’neill for opinions; Scott Andrew, Ben Hammersley and Jason Kottke for web-related stuff and Stuart Towns for his travelogue.

Finally, if you’re not interested in reading the ramblings of people you may never have heard of, then click along to Wil Wheaton’s blog which is a fascinating take on the world of celebrity.

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