When Will I See The Ghosts Again

ghost whisperer is a cbs tv show

You could be mistaken from yesterday’s post but television isn’t really that important. It does make for something to write about which doesn’t relate to the cold outside. Still, the wonders of the web never cease and it appears that DigiGuide – if you pay an account – might be able to do something close to my TV alert system that I hoped for. In this multi channel world, with increasing competition, channel controllers will find it harder to make their shows stand out and need to get the word out about a new series via more mediums than a promotion on their – or a sister – channel.

I have another example. Ghost Whisperer is, according to Wikipedia, “one of several fantasy television programs about young women with gifts for supernatural communication”. I think that makes it sound less ridiculous than it is but it’s immensely enjoyable. In the last episode of Series 2, “Melinda has a terrifying experience that reveals some information about her family” which is all well and good but does leave us wanting the next series. Now, who knows when that will air? If you find out, let me know.

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