Thinking About Time

I’ve been thinking a great deal about the use of time. I am, you see, a great procrastinator by nature but this doesn’t help when you have a long list of things to do. I can be very organised. However, when I am very busy the organisation tends to fall away. Experience tells me that this leads to more procrastination.

Preventing the clutter and disorganisation is a little like preventative medicine. Getting life in order will prevent the procrastination as I’ll be able to clearly see what needs to get done. I have spent some time reading the excellent series of articles at Lifehacker (Getting Things Done) and I’ve come across some more great ideas that are part of Dave Seah’s Printable CEO series (The Emergent Task Timer could be very useful to see where the time goes).

I can already hear you, by-the-way. This is all very dull and not very creative. It’s all very business and not much fun. Admit it, that’s what you are thinking. And I say, how true. But a little bit of organisation yesterday got me out of the office on time and down to Tate Britain to see Scritti Polliti’s free gig. And that was fun even if the pictures are rubbish. On the other hand, his new material is superb.

UPDATE: And before you point it out, I am well aware if the irony in spending a day reading items about organisation in a bid to prevent my procrastination.

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