Big Pink Crosses (or some such TV nonsense)

This is one for my friend Steve to comment on. Yahoo reports that “In 1994, just 19 of the Fortune 500 companies advertised their brands in gay media in the United States. Last year, 175 did”. [Source: Advertisers out of the closet with gay-themed ads – Yahoo! News] It’s just a shame all those stereotypes still exist. The worst gay ads are the ‘Get Fruity’ Muller sponsorship of Living TV’s Will and Grace. All that cheap innuendo, it’s amazing they don’t give the audience a little more credit.

And talking of Will & Grace, Eric McCormack – who played Will – appears to be struggling to find work now the series and gone and finished. He told Sunday’s Observer that “I have this big pink cross to bear”. Still, I guess with all the money he made from Will & Grace he’s in a position to be able to hire somebody to carry it for him. [Source: The Observer | UK News | I can’t shake off my gay image, says Will]

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