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I have always loved cinema trailers. Often – and you know this is true – they are so much better than the films. Well, I thought I’d try a trailer of my own. Look into the bar on the right of this site. See the Man of the Moment box? Since January 2004 it’s been Andrew Kinlochan. So … coming soon to Listen To Musak and new for 2005 a wholly new Man of the Moment entry.

Sorry, I know it’s not got one of those big American voices or some thumping out-of-this-world music but it’s the best I could do. In the meantime pick up the best of the previous entries: ex-boyband star Mark Owen, TV hero Dermot O’Leary or music for the new Millennium from Justin Timberlake.

Quick notes: I’m currently using the v5 style sheet in case you’re reading this in years from now and I’ve moved things. If you’re using an RSS reader then click here to go to the real Listen To Musak site.

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