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quick screen shot of the lost entry as it looked 12 january 2004Do you ever start to write entries for your blog but do not ever get round to publishing them? Today, I have just uncovered an entry I was going to publish when I put the first page up for the Man of the Moment project but for some reason I never got round to it. I have activated it today but left it in the place it was originally intended.

Similarly, I was about to start writing the Man of the Moment FAQ section but had a feeling I had written it already. And it was true but I have never hit ‘publish’ so I have updated it to be a little more reflective of the current situation.

One evening I must get around to digging out other unpublished content.

What this does to the site, I do not know. Should I leave it where it was originally written or should I move it? If you go back to the entries for July 2002 they are now not wholly reflective of the content that was presented to the world then.

On this day…

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