Review of 2003: March

By December 2003 unsolicited email would become illegal in the UK but the laws wouldn’t have helped me in March when my mailbox was full of ways to make my life better. In reality, it’s friends who help make life better, and it’s even better that I have known many of my friends for years and years.

March also saw me get involved in my first blogging debate as it was related to online advertising, a subject I am always interested in, and the integrity of the medium (and my second debate about the use of trackbacks). It also saw me lament the changes to the online world for those of us employed by it.

March also saw the first phone-picture, the first mentions of the demise of Clause/Scetion 28, the arrival of Freedom Fries and a politician with integrity who resigned because of the war in Iraq.

The full March archive can be found here.

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