Review of 2003: January

The first thing that struck me was that January 2003 allowed me to write some pieces which are longer than those at the end of the year. The second thing that I noticed was that I quite enjoyed reading some of them – which was a surprise and a feeling only distance from the words can bring. And thirdly I noticed how many of those words were mis-spelled. I know that I write in a very conversational style but I hadn’t realised quite how poor my own proof reading is (not always, just sometimes).

2003 began with a cinema feast. It would seem that I preferred Bowling For Columbine and Eminem above all the other films I saw at the start of the year (and I didn’t rate Harry Potter or Jennifer Aniston). I also seemed to have a bee in my bonnet about transportation (a theme which I still come back to) at the start of 2003 – planners and commuters being a big pain.

Radio is a theme I constantly come back to and I am sure it will happen more this year. LBC was back on air and, despite some criticisms, I became hooked – although I must say it wore off as the year went by. I see they are making some schedule changes again next week so I may return to the same theme.

Some things have changed. While the Digital Music Debate may not have been settled, iTunes has shown the way and later in 2003 I would admit to buying my first online tracks via the MSN Music Club. And in music, I was quite impressed by my own music reviews at the beginning of last year.

The full January archive can be found here.

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