Review of 2003: February

February 2003 began with the feeling of shock at the loss of the space shuttle and the inevitable why?

In my own life, Listen To Musak moved hosts because of a previous server failure. I notice that I didn’t name them on the site back then but after eleven months with DreamHost I can say that I have found their service to be reliable and excellent value for the use I make of them.

February also saw me change jobs (which was not really referenced) but did result in me travelling more and, therefore, noting my travels in my words. Yesterday, I mentioned the need to archive weblogs and referenced Kenneth Williams, whose diaries I read in February 2003.

It appears mentions of Ben Affleck in tight leather did wonders for my reader numbers but the film I was referring to, Daredevil, did a lot less for me. The Hours or Catch Me If you Can seem to have been my choices in February.

Finally, John Brady Kiesling’s resignation letter seemed to be a pointer to things to come.

The full February archive can be found here.

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