RSS Feeds

I just wanted to comment once again on the excellent Bloglines service – which I thought was one of the best finds of 2003. If you’re not familiar with he concept of an RSS Aggregator then it’s worth looking a Bloglines and subscribing to some feeds. I find this is by far the fastest way to actually read why I want to read on the web. Bloglines has a clean interface and I can now read my subscriptions from anywhere on the web – which is handy if I am sat somewhere wanting to catch up on the world according to my web. It’s such a shame not quite all the blogs I want to read offer an RSS feed, although I note Blogger now offer atom feeds and I really must work on getting Listen To Musak’s atom feed sorted.

Moreover, it’s now available as a mobile channel for reading on small screens and making it far too easy to spend a lot of money on mobile bandwidth.

I have to RSS feeds available of Listen To Musak, RSS . I present full posts in my RSS feeds – I know some people only offer an excerpt of their sites but I’d rather read the whole thing and, ultimately, it saves bandwidth. If you’re only providing a highlight of an entry please think about giving us the full feed! Anyway, Happy reading.

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