July 2003 And All That

Looking back of July’s figures, I see that the success of the comments on Man of the Moment means my stats keep creeping upwards – which is nice. Man of the Moment was a little side-project (originally an experiment with multiple Movable Type blogs for one content site/set) that I quite liked playing with. I will, hopefully, continue because it’s also a fascinating insight into the trends of the world. At the start of last month I would have sworn that Dermot O’Leary would make the top slot on the stats – Big Brother was popular and he was getting by far the most hits. Little Mark Owen’s single release, however, has eclipsed all that. I wonder where latest Man, Josh Hartnett, will be by the end of next month? What I love about maintaining my blog is that I get to observe these trends at first hand.

Talking of Movable Type, I see they’ve just released the hosted version which is known as TypePad. Personally, I really enjoy maintaining my own web space but if you want a blogging tool and don’t want the hassle of installing it yourself, then TypePad looks like a great solution. Movable Type is great so I suspect TypePad will also be a quality tool. I just hope Six Apart get to add some of the great features they’ve put into TypePad into Movable Type – I for one would pay for them!

Perhaps I should also use Google’s new synonym feature to look for an alternative word to ‘great’ – but it’s far too late in the day for that sort of thing.

On this day…