Last Weekend in June

Blog the weekend. Well, what a weekend it was – nothing exciting or deep to say but a few things that surprised me.

About a boySurprise One: saw Hugh Grant in About A Boy on Friday night and it was great. It was touching without being too sappy and Hugh himself wasnÂ’’t the wet blanket he often plays. And I only went because the tickets were free. How sad is that?

Saturday was a fantastic trip to melt some credit card plastic at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. Spend, spend, spend – why do I continue to spend while I am running out of money? Still, the weather was nice and it was a day out.

Now Gunwharf Quays has a Gap Outlet store. And the survey tells me I am a gap man:

What kind of clothes should I be wearing? by Evelyn / Survey no longer available

But why is the content of Gap Outlets always very poor indeed? I am always disappointed.

Then, Sunday morning, saw a preview of Scooby Doo. Now, some people donÂ’’t like it. I thought it was great. A harmless, mildly-amusing, childish kids flick. And for that, it was good.

On this day…