Freddie, Will and George

There seem to be a lot of rumours about Arsenal footballer, Freddie Ljungberg. I thought his stance in the papers was one of the better ways for a celebrity to say that he is not gay without being offensive:

“I know what I am,” he says. “My family know I’m not gay and my girlfriend knows. But I’m not offended. Gay men can be very fashionable.” [The Mirror]

“I’m not gay. But gay men can be very fashionable, so maybe it’s a compliment.” [The Sun]

Now a real-gay celebrity, George Michael, appeared on Top of the Pops last night with his anti-war protest song, a cover of Don McLean’s The Grave [Yahoo!]. Not sure what I think of pop-stars and politics, but it’s good to hear the George is back on the television. Can you believe he has not been on Top of the Pops since his Wham days? Seems sad that a lot of the coverage was about the what t-shirts the backing singers wore.

I do like the fact that Will Young claims record bosses have told him not to mention he is gay if he wants to crack the US [Annanova] but do wonder how on earth that is going to be kept quiet over there given the publicity surrounding him on the web and in the press over here. It’ll be an interesting story to watch but I am not sure it can be in Will’s best interests.

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