The_Church.jpgI haven’t been to a wedding in a while, and I have never been to a black-tie wedding but I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday at my friend Suzanne’s wedding. The whole event was great but I thought the inside of the church was incredible.

Of course the bride looked fantastic and she, lucky devil, is now half way around the world enjoying a honeymoon somewhere on the beaches of Thailand while we all look at this pre-Christmas dampness! Still, today was my last free day before my Christmas in Spain – it’ll be my first Christmas abroad and I am quite looking forward to the experience.

I find weddings fascinating events. At this one I knew few people but came away having had a delightful evening meeting new folks, most of whom I doubt I shall see again. In some ways this must be a reflection of our times. I guess once-upon-a-long-ago you would have know almost everybody at such a gathering. Now, with people who move around more and work in more places, this won’t be the case. It’s odd hearing the speeches about times before you knew the bride and groom. Odd, but riveting. You can see a whole new side to people!

Anyway, I wish Suzanne and George all the best for the future.

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