A Walk on the Wild Side

[Written on my Palm & posted Sunday 6th]

My two days off have been great. Yesterday we dove to the Outlet Mall (what’s the British equivalent of that?) in Swindon. It’s the first time we have put miles on this new Ka (which I haven’t mentioned yet). Still, we drove in the sunshine and shopped. One call from a client was swiftly dealt with.

In the evening we made Bristol where we are staying at a Travelodge in Bristol City Centre. After unloading it was a quick taxi ride to visit some friends who we hadn’t seen for a very long time until last month. And now it’s been twice in five weeks which is a great feeling. Chinese meal and back to the hotel.

This morning we had a quick walk around Bristol City as it’s been many years since I was last here and things seem to have changed. The most amusing thing was the ill-fitting suits on a bunch of young men walking towards the Magistrates Court. I know I shouldn’t leap to conclusions (perhaps they were newly qualified solicitors) but I could just imagine their legal representation reminding them to look respectable for the judge.

As this holiday has originally been pencilled in for longer and as a trip to Cornwall to see the Eden project, we decided to opt for Bristol’s local equivalent Wildwalk at the complex known as @Bristol. I suspect this isn’t anywhere near on the scale of Eden but it was an interesting walk through the development of life on earth. It features a glasshouse full of tropical plants and – to my surprise – living, breathing birds (I thought it was just a tape of their calls). Recommended if you are in Bristol. Right now we are heading South via the lovely A roads looking for a suitable tourist spot to stop at.

On this day…