Man of the Moment FAQ

An FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about a particular topic. Here I am trying to answer some of the common questions about the recently announced Man of the Moment project which is part of this site.

What is Man of the Moment?

Man of the Moment is a fan site for some of the hottest looking men around. Every couple of months a new man is selected to be the Man of the Moment. Usually you will find that the person in question is in the news for some reason and most of the selected men are in the entertainment industry. Thus, men in the television category tend to be on a current TV show; in the music category they may have a new record out and in the film category they probably have a new film in the works.

Who selects the Man of the Moment?

Jon, of the Listen to Musak blog, selects the men featured in the Man of the Moment section. It is not a public vote yet but there are plans for people to nominate suggestions. If you have any comments on the current selection, you can leave a message in the comments section for that entry.

Why isn’t there a new entry more often?

Man of the Moment is a personal selection and the men are selected when there is something to say. There isn’t always somebody worth featuring every month.

Is is connected to the people featured?

No, Man of the Moment is created for fans but is in no way connected nor endorsed by the people featured. Most of the people are in the public eye and you will see links to other fan sites. It goes without saying that if people connected with the individuals concerned have any problems with the content of Man of the Moment they should contact us at once.

Where to the pictures come from?

The pictures are all sourced from sites on the web. We do not own the copyright on any of the images and have not scanned any material ourselves. If you feel we should not be showing some of the images, let us know and we will remove them.

Why aren’t there more pictures?

Man of the Moment is not designed to be a gallery or image collection, there are plenty of them on the web. The images are only there to show you who the people we are talking about are (and why they’ve been selected). Most of the entries have links to other online image galleries (however those links are not connected to Man of the Moment).

So it’s quite shameless then?

Of course. The idea behind the project came from the fact that the Listen to Musak blog talks a great deal about these people – the music, films or television programmes that feature the men concerned. It was originally designed to provide me with some content to allow me to experiment with multiple content generation tools and to provide me with some traffic to look at web analytic software. It also enables me to evaluate search engine/keyword marketing: all things that I have needed to do in my professional life but wanted a more personal environment to look into these things if I was going to do it for fun. I wrote a little more about that here.

What’s this Listen to Musak?

Listen to Musak is my personal area on the internet – it’s a piece of personal publishing – something I think the internet is ideally suited to. Click here to see Listen to Musak content or click here for the Listen to Musak FAQ.

You spell funny!

The blog is written by somebody from England so I use the British spellings of words.

Tell me more?

Leave a comment in the comment sections if you want to know more.


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