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Since Sky gave Sky News a little bit of an overhaul I have been keeping an eye on the Live at 5 weblog with Jeremy Thompson which I think is an interesting behind the scenes look at the way a news programme is put together. Maybe it’s not as good as the live election gallery feed earlier this year – I wish they’d do more of that – but a nice try nonetheless and they seem to be keeping it going much better than The Guardian did with their Editors’ Weblog. Hearing about a day from the presenter’s viewpoint – or about their thoughts on a story – can be fascinating. Take last Friday, ‘The news of the shooting of two young policewomen in West Yorkshire broke just as I was about to go on air to present Live at 5 on Friday. For the next four hours I was in the hot seat as this tragedy unfolded.’ [More at Live at 5 weblog with Jeremy Thompson]. I hope they manage to keep it up.

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