Formula One Calendar 2007 For Outlook Import

A couple of years ago I made a csv file that allowed you to easily import the Formula One calendar for that year into your Outlook file. I didn’t get round to making one for the 2005 or 2006 seasons despite the fact that I got the occasional email from people asking about it. Yesterday, the official 2007 Formula 1 calendar was announced and I knocked together a quick .csv file that will import the dates into Outlook. Trust me, the data will need updating. I suspect the times, distances and (possibly) some of the tracks are not accurate. I was doing it in a rush so please keep an eye on the Formula One section to see if I update it at all.

Again I have provided the file as a .zip that you must first extract the .csv from. Then, in Outlook, you will need to go to the File menu and Import the data (import from another program or file) and place it in the calendar. The file is provided as is and you use it at your own risk. I don’t know anyway you can remove it without deleting each entry individually. Once again, I have included a category name ‘Formula One’ so you can easily find all the entries this file creates. It should be easier to find them in Outlook and remove them if you need to. If you already have a Formula One category in your Outlook calendar you may want to edit the file before importing so you can change the category name. The file is fairly simple and you should be able to read it in any spreadsheet program (and even some text file readers will read it).

I know the previous files were downloaded a number of times. If you download this one then why leave a comment and let me know that you’re using it.

PS: Google did a great one for this year’s races so I hope they’re going to do the same for next year.

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