Do I Need Another Suitcase

And so, after my day at the races, I am unpacking and re-packing ready for my holiday to Florida. I have no idea what to expect. I have never really wanted to go to Florida or Disney or any of those places but some friends are renting a villa and PY and I are going to see them. It’s a strange thing. When I was younger I never wanted to go to the United States: it never really appealed to me and perhaps it even scared me a little bit. This will be my seventh visit in about five years – they have mainly been trips for work and this is the first one that’s a holiday (if you exclude the extension to the business trip I had to New York in 2002 and the half hour spent across the border from Canada).

I am certain I have packed too much (I always do) but if I sit on the suitcase it will shut (honestly).

I don’t want to admit that I am a quite excited really. I will be writing some of my impressions down while I am there but I don’t know if I will be able to post them or not. See you soon.

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