Referral Check

Well, I do occasionally look at my referral logs and see what’s sending people to my site. Nothing too strange, really, and usually very relevant to the content. As noted previously (see here) the Man of the Moment project (which is shameless, really) generates a good number of the impressions.

So, I thought I would look and see who are the top couple of men who generate traffic. And the top ten of all time is:

  1. Julian Essex Spurrier
  2. Dermot O’Leary
  3. Matt Damon
  4. Mark Owen
  5. Justin Timberlake
  6. Jonathan Kerrigan
  7. Ben Affleck

Interestingly, Julian Essex-Spurrier is top of the list despite only one mention in my review of London West-End performance of The Full Monty. I hope his real site is actually ranking better than my one review across search sites.

jonathan kerrigan topping the referral chartHowever, If we looked at the past month, Jonathan Kerrigan is now out-doing the Ben Affleck in tight leather searchers and all the others! And I wondered why as there has only been a Man of the Moment project for Jonathan and Ben has been mentioned more in the general blog. To be honest, I am not sure as there appears plenty of web content for Jonathan Kerrigan (who I saw in Sleuth and was looking lovely in a nice tight black vest and shorts).

You could start over at the BBC’s Mersey Beat pages where there’s a page on Jonathan’s character Steve Taylor or read the transcript of his web chat. Then there are, what appear to be some fan sites:; The Jonathan Kerrigan site at Geocities or

Fans of the BBC series Casualty can read more about Jonathan’s character Sam at The Casualty Files or the Casualty fan site at Tripod. Finally, the theatre story noting that Jonathan is to take over a role in Sleuth.

I might keep updating this chart for my own amusement.

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