Integrity in Public Life

Hutton has spoken and the BBC came in for criticism. I have a great affection for the BBC, I worked for them for a while, but in the light of some of the facts that emerged it seems that some of the procedures to ensure accurate journalism seem to be flawed. The government, on the other hand, seems to have got off lightly. But I do wonder if the resignations of both Gavyn Davies and Greg Dyke will some how backfire on Number Ten.

I also wonder if, had the tables been reversed, politicians would have resigned in quite such dignified manners?

I am a great believer that leaders, in business and government, should take responsibility for the decisions of the people they employ. That is not to say that they should resign for every mistake made (I am also a believer in that human beings make mistakes and mistakes are allowed). I think Gavyn Davies and Greg Dyke were great for the BBC. But it is right that they do the honourable thing. It speaks so much more about them as people than anything that has come from Parliament since Robin Cook resigned.

the resignations of the BBC’s Director General and Chairman illustrate the differences of mentality that exist at the BBC and in the government. Though sad, it is refreshing to see those with responsibility acting honourably and resigning. By contrast our cabinet ministers usually have to be pushed from power when found wanting – clinging desperately and shamelessly to their posts and privileges. Greg Dyke and Gavin Davies have acted with a maturity and correctness unmatched by the government. [What now for the BBC?]

I hope the people that take over will have as much integrity.

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