Here Comes Christmas

Is the run up to Christmas always a mad panic for everybody? It usually is for me but – right now – things seem a little calmer than they usually do. I suspect something will happen out of the blue tomorrow.

I’ve been looking around this site a little bit today and it has stunned me how much I have really written – considering I think of this as something I do when I get a moment (maybe I just had a lot of moments). Interestingly, January has the highest number of posts this year – maybe I should try a beat that in 2004.

Whenever I spend a few moments looking around the site I tend to find some things that I had forgotten writing. Then I look at what other people are reading.

I see that the top three searches that brought people to this site so far (exclusing the Man of the Moment project) are:

  • paris photographs
  • steve strange
  • radio era

I am not really sure if that’s interesting or not!

Justin TimberlakeOf course, Man of the Moment, drives most people to this site and this month Justin Timberlake is the top search term bringing people to my little site.

On this day…