US to extradite whoever they want, for any reason.

When are we – ever – in this country going to stand up for our rights? I hadn’t realised we’d become a state – I forgot to make my pledge to the flag this morning.

Just because we had democracy first doesn’t mean that we should be the first to give it up. What’s happening to this land?

politX: US to extradite whoever they want, for any reason:

No longer will American prosecutors have to show there are reasonable gounds [sic] to believe someone has committed an offence before they can be extradited, and what’s more it’s retrospective – so the US could reactivate extradition requests already turned down by the British courts AND this is only in America’s favour. To top it off, the treaty can be enforced without going through parliament once the extradition bill receives the Royal Assent.

Newsnight on BBC2 tonight.

UPDATE: OK, a little update. There may be some ability to call on the UK courts and it may still have to be ratified by parliament. However, the basic issue seems to stand. To be extradited from the US you must have evidence and you must present it in the US. That won’t be the case in the UK. One rule for them …?

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