New Look Listen to Musak

Screenshot of Musak, 26 March 2003So, I am having a little bit of a spring clean around here and you may notice that there is a new design. Over the coming days I guess I will have to make everything work properly so apologies in advance is something isn’t working.

Currently, my biggest problem is with the Man of the Moment project as all the images have thrown this new design (if you’re reading this in the archive, I hope it’s all fixed).

There were two reasons for this re-working of Listen To Musak. Firstly, I wanted a cleaner look than the old one. Secondly, I wanted to start incorporating more photographs without causing the download times (and bandwidth usage) to jump. I needed to find a way to do it. I think I have the idea now and the re-design will let me start!

Thanks to the beauty of style sheets and Movable Type, it’s only taken a couple of hours.

On this day…